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The Health Solutions Insurance Plan is a PPO plan offered to groups of 2 to 50 employees. This plan is available in Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennesse, Texas and Utah.

$2,000,000 Maximum Benefit While Insured Under this Plan
Limited to $1,000,000 Per Calendar Year
While Insured Under this Plan

Benefits of Enrolling in the BEST Health Solutions Plan:

  • Discounted doctor and hospital charges when using a network doctor/hospital
  • No claim forms when you use network providers
  • Prompt, accurate payment of your claims (normally within 10 working days) directly by BEST LIFE and Health Insurance Company.
  • BEST Health Plans and BEST Employers’ Association have been providing benefit plans for very satisfied small business employers since 1970.
  • The Health Solutions Plansm is not a healthcare service contract or an HMO, but is fully insured by BEST LIFE Assurance Company.
  • Your dependent children are covered through age 20-through age 25 for full-time students. For residents of Utah, dependent children are eligible for coverage through age 25.

The Health Solutions Plan includes the nationally recognized PCS card.

  • Choice of $100 or $250 deductible
  • $10.00 per prescription for generic prescriptions*
  • $25.00 for preferred list brand name prescription*
  • $40.00 for all other prescriptions*
  • Get a 90 day supply by using the mail-order option with a co-pay of $20 for generic*, $50 for preferred list name brand*, and $75 for all other prescriptions*
  • Oral contraceptives covered
  • No annual maximum

*Note: if the insured receives a brand name drug when a generic is available, the insured is responsible for paying the difference between the cost of the brand name drug and the generic drug in addition to the generic co-pay.

The PCS Card
The Health Solutions PlanSM includes the nationally recognized PCS Prescription Drug Card. Your PCS card is welcomed at thousands of drug stores nationwide-no claim forms, no deductibles, no annual maximum. Prescriptions are also available through the PCS website. You can order or refill a prescription, locate a pharmacy, track your orders through the convenient PCS website…or do some research through PCS’ library of drug information. All available on the PCS website.

The Health Solutions plan is administered by Beneficial Administration Company, Inc., with more than 30 years of experience working with small businesses and managing multiple employer group insurance programs. Our commitment to your service includes:

  • No voice mail-our phones are always answered by a friendly voice who will direct your call to the appropriate person.
  • Customer Service hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.
  • Internet access to all administration forms (claims, new-hire, and change-of-status).
  • Easy to read billing statement.
  • ID cards issued with your new case kit.

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