Elan Trust DeltaCare Dental Insurance Plan

Elan DeltaCare Dental Plan

DeltaCare through Delta Dental is an HMO dental plan for firms of 3-149 employees. At the time of enrollment you must enroll with a Dentist, from the Delta PMI list. Visit their website for their Dentist Directory at www.deltadentalca.org.

There are three plans to choose from with low co-payments for all services. Affordable monthly rates with quality of care. This plan is only available in California.

  • Three plans to choose from: 5 Star, 7 Star & 9 Star.
  • 5 Star plan – This plan has the lowest out of pocket cost to you when seeing your Delta PMI Dentist. The monthly premium your group pays per month is a little higher than the other two plans.
  • 7 Star plan – This plan has slightly higher co-payments when you see your Delta PMI Dentist than the 5 Star but the monthly premium is a little lower.
  • 9-Star plan – The co-payments to your Delta PMI Dentist will be the higher than the other two plans but your monthly premiums will be lower.
  • DeltaCare is designed for groups that want lower costs but will accept a limited network of Dentists.
  • Very low co-payments for most services. No co-payments for X-Rays and regular check-ups.
  • There are no deductibles to satisfy.
  • You never have to fill out a claim form.
  • No annual maximum limits and NO WAITING PERIODS for any services.
  • Orthodontic coverage is included for adults and children with NO waiting period.
  • Your firm has the choice of having just DeltaCare OR a dual option which may be written with the MC-choice One or Two DPO Plan or the Freedom Premier plan.
  • DeltaCare can be written as a Voluntary Plan with 5 employees.  This means that no matter how many employees there are in the company, only 5 employees need to enroll to start receiving Dental coverage. No participation requirements!!
  • When your group enrolls with DeltaCare, the rates will not change for two years.
  • Included with this plan is the Davis Vision Discount Eyewear program and the Lens 1-2-3 mail order contact lens discount plan.

For a more detailed explanation of benefits, limitations or exclusions, please E-mail us at info@besthealthplans.com or please call BEST Health Plans at (800) 237-8543.

The summary above is meant to be a brief description of plan benefits and features only. The accuracy of this summary is not guaranteed and the information herein is subject to change without notice.


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