Elan Trust Delta Preferred Option Dental Insurance Plan

Elan DeltaPreferred Option

Plan Description

Elan Trust offers DeltaPreferred Option (DPO) Delta Dental’s PPO program. DPO allows enrollees to choose any dentist. However, enrollees receive their best benefits when visiting a DPO dentist.

DPO dentists are Delta dentists who have agreed to charge DPO patients reduced fees. There are more than 10,000 DPO dental offices in California (approximately 46% of these dental offices are Delta Dental), making Delta’s DPO network one of the

Elan DeltaPreferred Option:
Enrollment Guidelines
Eligible Industries
Ineligible Industries
largest PPO networks in California.
Delta’s Payment
Enrollee’s Payment
When visiting an
In-Network* Dentist
When visiting an
Out-of-Network Dentist
Diagnostic and preventive services (No deductible) such as oral exams, x-rays, cleanings and fluoride treatments.
Any amount above the approved DPO fee
Other basic services include fillings, oral surgery and sealants (deductible applies).
20% of approved DPO fee, plus any amount above the approved DPO fee
Crowns, casts restorations and prosthodontics includes caps, veneers, dentures, bridges, root canals and periodontal services (deductible applies).
50% of approved DPO fee, plus any amount above the approved DPO fee
Deductible, per person per calendar year (Maximum $150 per family).
Calendar year maximum, per person (Choose Elan DPO Plan 1000 or Elan DPO Plan 1500).
$1,000 =Elan DPO Plan 1000
$1,500=Elan DPO Plan 1500

* An in-network dentist agrees to charge DPO enrollees the approved DPO fee. If an out-of-network dentist charges more than this fee, the patient is responsible for the difference.

Although Delta endodontists, oral surgeons and periodontists are not under a DPO contract, treatment provided by these specialists, California, is covered at the program’s in-network benefit level.

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