BEST Notes

Medical-Higher Deductibles & Lower Rates-More New Sales
Pathways and Health Solutions Medical Plans
In case you haven’t noticed, there is a ground swell of movement toward higher deductibles on health plans. A quick look at our portfolio shows over 96% of inforce plans have a $500 or higher calendar year deductible. Over 20% had $1,000 or higher. If you are not quoting for higher deducatibles-you should be!

Our new Health Solutions Plan offers deductibles of $500, $750, $1,000, $1,500 and $2,000 with a drug card. If you realy want a quote that will attract your client’s attention, quote our Health Solutions Plan II with a $2,500 deductible.

The New Health Solutions II Plan has rates as low as:

Kansas City
Single Male
Under 25
Full Family
Single Female


Remember – BEST Has Medical Bonus Bucks!
Current Programs:

Basic Service Fees
8% level on groups of 2-25 lives $150 cash bonus for each case of 5-14 employees
7% level on groups of 26-50 lives $250 cash bonus for each case of 15-50 employees


Announcing a New Program!
Stand Alone Dental Plans
We have introduced a new, low-cost plan to our portfolio of popular Prime and Select Dental programs. The new Standard Plan is a 100%, 80%, 50% plan with a $50 calendar year deductible, orthodontics included and a $1,000 calendar year maximum. This plan should definitely appeal to budget-minded groups and is available for September, 2001 effective dates.

Dental Bonuses Too!
For Prime, Select and the new Standard Plan and for Preferred Choice Plans

Groups of 10-25 Enrolled Employees $100
Groups of 26-50 Enrolled Employees $200
Groups of 51-200 Enrolled Employees $300
Plus…Sell 3 new cases in Year 2001 and earn an additional bonus of $300!

Do you have only 3 or 4 Stand Alone Dental Cases with BEST?
…make it 5 or more and make more money each month!

The Prime and Select plans pay some of the best Service Fees for the first year (15%). Did you know that your renewal Service Fees increase from 8% to 10% when you have 5 or more Prime and Select cases inforce with BEST? Get in that extra dental case and earn that extra income!

A little extra effort and a couple of dental groups…
…can pay you more money each month!